A Glimpse of Single Life

Couples that knew each other growing up are often very close. They can sense each other's moods and understand their partner better than anyone else in the world. For many, this gives them great comfort. They know their partner will be there for them and understand them no matter what happens. They rely on this feeling of total support. For some people that married their childhood sweetheart, the feeling is more like being trapped. They feel they have let themselves become entangled in a relationship without first experiencing all life has to offer. Their partner often sees and understands their frustration before they do.

There are many generous people in the world, but few are willing to give their spouse total freedom to explore life. For those few lucky ones, their spouse understands, but does not necessarily share, their need to experience unmarried life. This can happen after decades of marriage, but it is a necessary step for some. Rather than get divorced, the couple has a limited open marriage. People in this situation will often turn to an escort agency.

The person that wants to experience single life sees escorts as people that can assist them with their exploration. This person will be attentive and responsive to their needs. An escort is a professional service provider, not someone that gets involved in a serious relationship with their client. This limits the married person that needs to explore their options in a way that makes their partner feel safe.

There is also the option to find an independent escort. The same safe feeling for the married partners stays in place, but an independent will book only clients of their choosing. It is an excellent way to experience a limited amount of freedom without the entanglement of commitment.