Married As Teenagers


To Marry or Not

In former years, marriage and commitment were considered the same in personal relationships. A couple made a commitment to each other by getting married and...


Remaining Married for the Children

While it is an old-fashioned concept, some people believe they should stay married until their children are grown. This may sound like two people are...


Marriage without Physical Intimacy

There is nothing more painful than watching a spouse physically deteriorate due to an illness. Many people have suffered through this, but they have managed...


A Casual Open Relationship

Some couples cannot imagine the thought of marriage without ever being with another sexual partner, but others believe monogamy is a thing of the past....


A Glimpse of Single Life

Couples that knew each other growing up are often very close. They can sense each other's moods and understand their partner better than anyone else...


A Trial Separation

When a couple grows up together, marries young and settles into having children as teenagers, they often find they sometimes miss the freedoms they see...


Exploring a New Life Together

For couples who dated and married while they were still teenagers, the intervening years have often been about raising and family and making a home....

There are a great many couples that met when they were just small children. They grew up in the same neighborhood, and often attended school together. These people were friends or enemies, depending on their age. After a while, they became friends again and began dating. For those that married as teenagers, their relationship never ended. They went on to find a home, have children and settled down into their married life.

There are many advantages to being married to a childhood sweetheart. There is no need to go through the awkwardness of getting to know a stranger. Growing up in the same neighborhood and school system gives two people the advantage of compatibility. This is great for both people unless one decides they have missed out in life. Sometimes one, or both, of the people in this type of relationship will feel they did not have the freedom to pursue their dreams.