A Trial Separation

When a couple grows up together, marries young and settles into having children as teenagers, they often find they sometimes miss the freedoms they see other singles their age enjoying. They wonder what life is like without children scattered throughout the house, a constant dragging tiredness from trying to tame the chaos, and they might even unconsciously resent being with only one person. For them, the call of freedom could be a lure that might tempt them into a trial separation.

Young couples are often childhood sweethearts, and many of them have never been on a date with anyone else. Exploration of the world of dating passes many of them by because they are happy with their life, but those who believe they are missing out see it as an opportunity to get to know others. They see their friends excited about meeting someone new and interesting, and they wonder if they settled too quickly for their own good.

Going on dates during a trial separation is part of the experience they look for when they leave their partner, and many of them are seeking freedom from overwhelming responsibility. They see the single life as carefree, but many of them forget that the support of a partner can go a long way when things go wrong. Having someone to commiserate is good, but being with someone who can help them correct a situation is even better.

Trial separations do not always lead to divorce, and many couples who married while they were still young have tried them. They might have believed the grass was greener in the land of singles, but they soon found out that having a supportive partner is often a wonderful way of life. Those who realize they have not found what they are looking for often return to their spouse to begin building their life together again.