Marriage without Physical Intimacy

There is nothing more painful than watching a spouse physically deteriorate due to an illness. Many people have suffered through this, but they have managed to maintain their love and devotion to their partner. It is a grueling and cruel test of love that many couples have managed to survive. Their sense of duty is part of it, but their love is what holds their relationship together over the course of the illness.

Modern medicine has changed the outcome of many illnesses, and spouses may be able to look forward to the day their partner recovers. It is not always an easy wait, and many have been emotionally drained by caring for their partner's needs. Some of them feel they have no right to take care of their own needs. These spouses often sublimate their needs for food, relaxation or companionship, and this often includes the need for sexual release.

A long term illness, curable or not, places many burdens on a spouse. Those who are willing to go through the process still need to live their lives. Those who recognize their own need for sexual release will take the time to explore modern options such as virtual reality porn. They find their fantasy world within the virtual reality headset, and these male masturbators obtain their relief quickly. The makers of VR porn have recognized the need for quick relief and have provided products to assist.

Staying with a spouse through a grave illness shows true devotion, but some partners have felt shame when they realize they still have a desire to be physically intimate with a partner who is no longer able to share their desire. There have been many partners who realize their desire is simply an outpouring of their love for a spouse, and they understand taking care of this need, without their partner, is simply a natural facet of their continuing relationship.